Memorial held for toddler who died after dental procedure

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It’s been exactly one year since three-year old Finley Boyle of Kailua died following a dental procedure, and while family and friends gathered Sunday at Kailua Beach to remember Finley, her mother Ashley is still seeking answers why she died.

“It’s definitely been the hardest year of my life.”

But on Sunday, Boyle was surrounded by loved ones, as friends and family gathered to remember her daughter.

Finley died of a heart attack during her December 2013 dental procedure at Dr. Lilly Geyer’s office at Island Dentistry for Children. An autopsy report revealed a combination of sedatives and anesthesia played a role in the little girl’s death. A settlement was reached between the Boyle family and Dr. Geyer’s insurance company.

And while Island Dentistry for Children has since closed down, Boyle is looking for justice.

“What I would like is some justice for my daughter,” she said. “No one has been held accountable. Lilly Geyer has never been arrested or criminally charged. These are my beliefs, that she should be criminally charged.”

Last January, new state rules tightening the oversight of sedation in dental offices were signed into law, but Boyle said it’s unclear how it’s being enforced.

“I want to know if the state has started this process, when they plan on implementing safety regulations. What’s their plan to keep parents of Hawaii updated on the status of it?”

In the meantime, Boyle put together a website,, to raise awareness of the lack of pediatric dental sedation protocols across the United States.

She does not want any parent to go through what she’s experienced.

“The reason why I’m standing here is because of my daughter. She gave me so much life when she was here. As horrible as it is in her absence, she literally gives me the strength to get up every morning still.”

Calls to both Geyer’s attorney and the city were not returned.

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