Nearly 100 people who worked on a multimillion-dollar project in Waikiki risk losing their benefits.

The Hawaii Carpenters Trust Funds filed a mechanic’s lien Tuesday.

It claims it’s owed more than $750,000 by Taubman Properties, the developer of the new International Market Place.

“The laborers get a salary, a wage, but they’re also entitled to be paid by the employer to the trust funds of the benefits such as health and welfare, so that would be medical, 401(k), vacation pay and apprentice programs,” explained attorney Jeff Miller. “They stopped making payments last December of 2015. We’ve been trying to collect the funds through any and all means since that time.”

Miller says a lien would allow the organization to foreclose on the property owner, Queen Emma Land Company.

In a statement, Nicolai Schultz, Taubman director of development said:

“Taubman takes this situation very seriously, and our concern for the welfare of every worker and the unions that represent them is a top priority. We pride ourselves on paying all of our contractors and subcontractors in full and on time, and while we cannot take responsibility for a subcontractor’s missed payments, we are working to rectify this situation as quickly as possible.”

The new International Market Place is scheduled to open in August.