McDonald’s Japan launches ‘Loco Moco Burger,’ other Hawaii-themed items

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The good news: McDonald’s has added Hawaiian-themed items to its menu. Think Hawaiian BBQ pork burger, loco moco burger and pineapple pie.

The bad news: You can only get them in Japan.

The specialty items launched Feb. 10 at more than 3,000 restaurants as part of a World Mac Hawaii campaign to keep Hawaii top of mind for millions of Japanese residents.

The campaign runs through late March and includes a trip giveaway contest, conducted in partnership with Hawaii Tourism Japan and the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

“McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chains in the country and Hawaii is among the most desired overseas destinations among Japanese,” said David Uchiyama, HTA’s vice president of brand management. “This campaign is a perfect example of how we are working to expand our reach to new segments in this mature market.”

“Our World Mac Hawaii campaign brings together these two strong brands and creates an exciting opportunity for us to share a taste of the Hawaiian Islands and entice consumers to want to experience it first-hand,” said Eric Takahata, HTJ managing director.

Other menu items include Hawaiian pancakes with mixed berries and McShake Banana.

The campaign is estimated to generate more than $2 million in publicity for Hawaii.

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