WAILUKU, Maui (KHON2) — On Monday, Mayor Mike Victorino held a press conference to discuss severe weather updates on Maui.

“Our crews are out there right now cleaning up right now,” Victorino said. “We were able to move people that were there on the ground floors to move into hotels.”

Victorino said there are some areas that took some major damage.

According to Victorino, West Maui, East Maui and Upcountry Maui sustained some damage. He said assessments are still being done.

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“Molokai had some flooding. Lanai had some heavy winds, but nothing much as far as flooding. Overall we had some damage but nothing like the last one we had where the bridge washed out…like the Haiku damage we had early this year,” Victorino said.

Some condos were flooded down by South Kihei road while North Kihei was a mess, according to Victorino.

“The mud is all over the place. We had like nine inches of rain within nine hours I think, the National Weather Service will give us a report later,” Victorino said.

Victorino encouraged Maui residents to stay off the roads and to reach out if they need help.

“We are working hard as we can to get all the information. If you don’t have to get on the road, stay home. We are trying to fix the roads. Take care of your neighbor,” he said.

Victorino said everything is still running as normal as possible even though schools and county facilities were closed.

“Help your neighbor, help your family, make sure they are safe and let us know how we can help you and we will do our best to help you,” Victorino said.

We’re Hawaii’s weather station, get the latest forecast and radar information here

Victorino concluded, “Right now it’s a matter of assessments and cleanups.”

After the assessments are done, he plans to write up an emergency proclamation to be reviewed by the governor.