Mayor signs bill into law banning drifting

Local News

Mayor Caldwell signed a bill Wednesday that bans drifting on Oahu roadways. 

Standing next to the Mayor was Lectie Altman, a successful triathlete who was critically injured by a drift racer on Tantalus in January. 

“I am thankful that this event that happened has brought awareness to these events that are taking place here on Oahu on city streets daily,” said Altman. “Cyclists, triathletes, runners, people out enjoying their everyday lives should be able to feel safe walking, running, cycling.”

Altman was riding her bike at the time of the incident and she is still recovering from her injuries. 

The penalty if caught drifting is a $2000 fine, one year in jail or both.

The new law goes into effect by tomorrow at the latest.

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