HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii County reported an accident last night along Daniel K. Inouye Highway that involved six patients and even sent two to the hospital.

Officials said a car was trying to reverse onto the road when it got hit.

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Everyone is out here along Daniel K. Inouye Highway trying to get a glimpse of Mauna Loa lighting up the night sky behind us but Mayor Mitch Roth is reminding the public about the safety rules.

Parking along Saddle Road remains off-limits.

Hawaii police confirmed 14 citations were issued Tuesday night and police will be giving out tickets once again to those who park along mile markers 16 to 31.

Mayor Roth said, “People are bringing their kids up and 60 mph and kids and cars on the highway is just really a recipe for disaster.”

Gilbert Kahele park is the only designated parking area for now.

Many spectators came out early Wednesday to secure a front-row spot in mother nature’s show.

Randall McDanold, a Pahoa resident said, “I’m worried about people walking across the road and cars pulling out with in front of you without any regard.”

McDanold continued, “I was like I’m going to get an early parking spot and hunker down until it comes on.”

Judy Johnson, a Captain Cook resident said, “Since we were able to see the fountains through the binoculars even though it wasn’t dark we decided to go to Hilo, get lunch, come back and grab a decent parking spot and stay for the view.”

Officials are trying to secure additional viewing sites but are running into roadblocks.

“It’s actually off the training facility,” Mayor Roth said. “It’s the Old Saddle Road but it does go through Pohakuloa Training Area so there’s federal issues and then there’s issues with the condition of the road and if you have people going out there we have safety issues.”

Another option for visitors is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which remains open 24/7.

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“You get two volcanoes for the price of one,” explained Mayor Roth. “You have one Halemaumau and you’re looking up at Mauna Loa and seeing the eruption up there it’s quite spectacular.”