HONOLULU (KHON2) — The USGS and Hawaii County officials brought the latest update on the Mauna Loa eruption in a briefing on Friday, Dec. 9.

According to the USGS, as of Friday morning fountain heights from fissure 3 were averaging about 30 feet. This is a dramatic change over the past couple of days when lava spewed out to about several hundred feet in the air.

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While the specific flow front closest to Daniel K. Inouye has been cut off and is no longer a threat, the USGS said that people may still see a glow from it.

The USGS explained that lava is still contained within that flow and the center of the mass is twice as high as the edges.

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“So we expect that to kind of keep pushing and keep flattening out,” said Ken Hon from the USGS. “Perhaps for a couple of days, people will be seeing that front glow and maybe, very slowly, move. But it is not any threat to the highway anymore at all.”