Maui police release body camera footage of deadly officer-involved shooting

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The Maui Police Department released the body camera footage of a deadly officer-involved shooting.

On Sunday, officers had observed a stolen red Toyota Tacoma being driven by Kaulana “Toji” Reinhardt. 

Reinhardt was wanted for numerous outstanding arrest warrants, including one for attempted murder in the first degree with a bail set at $1 million.

Police said officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the truck, but Reinhardt refused to stop and a pursuit ensued. 

The pursuit continued and ended on Kaohu Street at Market Street in Wailuku. 

Police said as two officers attempted to apprehend Reinhardt, he pulled out a handgun and shots were exchanged and Reinhardt was hit.

“You can see here officer number one is trying to contact the offender outside of the vehicle,” Detective Matthew Bigoss said.  “It appears he is going back to the vehicle.  Officer number one going hands on.  Officer number two comes back on the passenger side.  As he comes back around you see a pistol in the offender’s right hand.  As he struggles with officer number one here he’s bringing up the firearm towards officer number one.  This is the approximate point where the first rounds were fired. And he continues to come up he has got the gun pointed at officer number one. He brings it up to a shooting stance and officer number two begins to fire and the suspect drops with the gun underneath,” Bigoss said.

Reinhardt was pronounced dead.

Maui police assistant chief Clyde Holokai said they were informed by confidential informants that Reinhardt was carrying a gun “and he was going to shoot it out with police if he was ever stopped.”

Neither of the two police officers involved were injured.

They were placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure in these types of cases.

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