HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Maui Police Commission has decided to decline disciplinary proceedings for some of the complaints against police Chief John Pelletier. This comes after a unanimous vote Wednesday.

The commission reviewed three of the complaints made by Maui Police Department employees against the chief which allege violations of policy and procedure.

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“The investigations included two of the complaints were not substantiated by the evidence,” said Frank De Rego Jr., Maui Police Commission Chair. “The third complaint was not substantiated to all grounds with the expectation of an incident involving raised voices and unprofessional language.”

The commission took into consideration all interviews and documentation. It also inquired about help to thoroughly investigate the claims.

“Independent third party investigators were obtained to fully vet allegations or violations of county policies made by two sworn officers and one civilian employee of the department against police chief Pelletier,” De Rego said.

The commission heard from concerned members of the community about the allegations.

“This isn’t about discounting experiences, this is about giving a space to heal from trauma of real experiences MPD workplace culture only deepens those wounds for political reactive action that’s convenient or beneficial to egotistical power grabs,” said Keisa Liu.

Meanwhile, multiple former and current colleagues of Pelletier testified in his favor.

“It’s fun to work there, but I can’t speak for the rest of the department, but I can tell you in Kihei we are directly benefiting from the decisions and changes that chief Pelletier has made,” said Mike Crowe, a Maui police officer.

However, the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers said multiple complaints remain under active investigation. It expects those complaints to be investigated fully and decided fairly based on evidence. SHOPO said it’ll continue to monitor this process to ensure that any members who filed a complaint are not retaliated against for exercising their rights as employees.

Meanwhile, the commission said Pelletier has since hired a coach to address management style.

“The Maui police commission is concerned with the police department and all of its members and what’s to express its strong intention and do its part to foster the healing and growth of its department and leadership,” De Rego said.

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MPD said it will not be issuing a statement at this time.