HONOLULU (KHON2) — The 98th Maui Fair will not take place in 2022, marking the third time it’s been canceled. The previous postponements were due to rise in COVID-19 cases and gathering restrictions.

This year, the Maui Fair Alliance Board had to cancel the fair over challenges to secure operational commitments from service providers, volunteers and vendors.

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According to the Alliance, Fernandez Events is not doing fairs on the neighbor islands this year due to high shipping costs and staffing shortages. The company operates the Joy Zone, which is an important part of the Maui Fair.

“Our highest priority is to hold a fair where guests, participants and our community will be treated to the style and magnitude of past annual fairs,” said Avery Chumbley, Alliance President.

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The Alliance said it explored options to obtain government assistance and funding, but the available resources were insufficient to support having the fair this year.