Maui Community Correctional Center damages repaired from riots; overcrowding, staff shortages continue

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WAILUKU (KHON2) — A riot at the Maui Community Correctional Center back in March caused millions of dollars in damage.

KHON2 was allowed a rare opportunity to go inside to see the changes and renovations made to the facility on Tuesday.

“Though the modules that were damaged during the riots at mccc have been repaired. The underlying causes of the riots–overcrowding and staff shortages–remain.” >

This is module B at MCCC.

It’s been eight months since inmates incited a riot here, setting fires and breaking everything in sight.

The chaos spilled over into module A, but the brunt of the riot took place in module B.

Renovations included shiny new tables and new phones.

But the reason for the riot at the aging facility has yet to be resolved.

The jail is overcrowded.

Warden Deborah Taylor says it’s an ongoing problem and they are constantly shuffling inmates within MCCC trying to improve the situation

“Because were so overcrowded we put a lot of people in Charlie also because of the overcrowding,” said Warden Deborah Taylor. “So everything virtually is a housing unit here.”

The operating capacity is 301 inmates.

However, as of Nov. 18, the total population is 422 inmates..

That is 40 percent over capacity.

Staff shortages are another issue, which often lead to cutbacks in visitation hours.

In fact just this past Saturday, Nov. 16, visiting hours were completely cancelled.

“The time we know what some of the concerns were that caused the riots but if we don’t address what we can then I think his leaders of that apartment and folks that work in that arena are being derelict,” said Sen. Rosalyn Baker, who represents south and west Maui.

Lawmakers are discussing the possibility of building a Maui regional complex which would help with overcrowding at MCCC.

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