HONOLULU (KHON2) – In Hawaii, we know it as “chicken skin.” But others may be more familiar with the term “goosebumps.” 

And it may not be Halloween just yet, but there are always those stories that are going to give you that next round of chicken skin and later this month, you’ll have the chance to get that at the historic Hawaii Theatre with master storyteller Lopaka Kapanui.

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And we’re with Uncle right now to find out more. 

You are putting on this event later this month known as “Chicken Skin Ghost Stories.” 

Can you tell us a little bit about what this event is?

“Its on June 29, Wednesday at 7 p.m. and it is sort of a teaser to what we are going to be doing in October, and its Chicken Skin Ghost Stories,” says Kapanui.

When you are talking about ghost stories, what is the whole point of doing this? 

You have been doing this for a long time.

What comes out of telling these stories?

“Healing and understanding that we are connected to spirits daily and they are not separate from us, especially that we live here in Hawaii. They are always with us,” says Kapanui.

Is it something that people can expect? 

Or how does this type of show — of telling spooky stories to your guests — how does that show go on?

“The show goes on according to the kind of people who show up,” says Kapanui.

“So, a bunch of people are going to be sitting in these seats and they are going to have their collective energy with them. And they are always going to be bringing their kupuna. And sometimes their kupuna hijack the show and won’t let me get started until I relay a message to their living relative and then we get going.”

What if there are viewers who don’t necessarily believe in ghosts. 

Will this event be appealing to them?

“It’s not necessarily a matter of belief,” says Kapanui.

“You don’t have to believe in the wind but it’s still there.  And as I always say, it’s all right if you don’t believe in ghosts because they believe in you.”

As I mentioned, you’ve been doing this for a long time so what got you into telling these types of stories?

“I’ve been this way since I survived a surgery when I was about seven or eight years old,” says Kapanui.

“I was having my kidneys cleaned out at the old Children’s Hospital. And according to what the doctors told my parents, they lost me for a couple of seconds. So, I literally died on the table and came back and that’s when everything started and that’s what lead into ghost stories.”

“You know, there is a very old story about a homecoming football game at Aiea High School,” says Kapanui as he speaks of a spook story.

“And at some point, during the game, the guy who was running the ball fumbles. Later, he claims that a hand, a mysterious hand grabbed him by the ankle and caused him to fumble the ball. Did you know years later when they did a digging and investigation at the football field of Aiea High School, they found burials. Human bones. So, it turns out, that football player, way back in the day for Aiea High School, was correct. He wasn’t making it up.”

Well, that’s a little teaser of what you’re going to get. 

This is, again, is called Chicken Skin Ghost Stories with master storyteller Lopaka Kapanui. 

That is going to be taking place June 29.

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