HONOLULU (KHON2) — He’s being called the master of disguise.

A man who has slipped past authorities in Hawaii and escaped to the mainland is now wanted for questioning in the disappearance of his girlfriend who was found dead in Mexico, where he also escaped California Border Patrol.

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Tyler Adams was arrested in Hawaii for first- and second-degree theft. Back in May of 2019, he was an OCCC laumaka work furlough inmate who didn’t return. The Department of Public Safety told KHON2 that “Law Enforcement here in Hawaii continued to pursue leads through that time but the leads ran cold.” At the time of his escape, PSD said at the time of his escape the public and law enforcement was notified.

According to the FBI, Admas also goes under the aliases: Aaron Lee Bain, Aaron Lee, Aron Lee, Paul Wilson Phipps, Paul Wilson Phillps, David Smith, Dominic Braun, David Phillips, Kevin Schoolcraft, Kevin Kennedy, Michael Whittman, Lance Irwin, Brice Johnson, Matthew Kashani, Taylor Chase, Joshua Smith.

He has been known to change his appearance.

“The multiple identities feeds into his criminal history, the forgeries the thefts what we would call white-collar crime,” said William McNamara of San Diego FBI Public Affairs.

The bureau doesn’t know how he got to the mainland, but they say he was romantically involved with Raquel Sabean in San Diego before they moved to Tijuana, Mexico in April. The FBI said the two had a 7-month-old child.

Mexican authorities reportedly found Sabean’s car and decomposed body. Authorities contacted Adams in Mexico after issuing an amber alert for the baby, who was safe. They said he then presented a fake ID at the border to sneak past customs and border patrol.

“That enabled him to pass through really undetected or without further inspection. Obviously, if he had used an identification in his true name the warrant out of Hawaii would’ve hit and would’ve put him into further scrutiny and likely been arrested off of that warrant,” McNamara said.

Adams still hasn’t been found. State Senator Lynn DeCoite, the acting chair of the Public Safety Committee, said she just met with PSD about the work furlough program’s safeguards.

“If you look at the numbers, the vast majority of the formal program participants have been successful, and have less recidivism rates, especially for local people who are incarcerated,” Sen. DeCoite said. “You can’t just scrap a program because of a few bad apples.”

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The FBI said it would be tough but there is a possibility that Adams has returned to Hawaii given how slippery he is. If you see him or have had contact with him contact the FBI.