Stan Lee, the mastermind behind Marvel comics died on Monday, Nov. 12, at the age of 95. 

The comic giant was taken by ambulance to Cedar’s Sinai Medical Center Monday morning where he later died.

The cause of his death is not yet known.

Lee created some of the most iconic comic book heroes in history—such as Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men.

Many are mourning his loss.

Lee visited Hawaii several times over the years, most recently in 2016.

He stopped by Other Realms off of Nimitz Highway, he signed his classics for fans for three days. 

His work helped inspire millions, including Other Realms manager Erik Jacovy. 

“Getting to see other people’s imagination come to life through drawings helped me create my own,” he said. 

“I don’t think there can be another [Stan Lee],” he said. 

Stan Lee once said, “I’m pretty proud of the fact that some of the stories that I’ve wrote so many years ago, are still being read and enjoyed by the public. And people are making motion pictures based on them and television series,” he said. 

“I’ve never would have dreamed years ago that any of this could happen,” Lee said. 

Friends, family and fans took to social media after news of his death. Lee was known for making cameo appearances in his movies.

Hawaii actor Jacob Batalon starred in “Spider-Man Homecoming.” He posted a photo of a Spider-Man comic book on Instagram today. He wrote: “I remember when you gave this to me and told me how proud you were of me for being Ned. Thank you so much for everything. #StanLee.

Fans also came to Other Realms to pick up his comics. 

“We have gotten phone calls if we have this comic or that comic,” Jacovy said. 

He says he’s also received calls regarding items with Lee’s signature. He says anything with the signature will increase in price. 

“I saw someone buy one for $600, and that’s recent and a comic he [Lee] didn’t create, but its a Marvel comic,” Jacovy explained. 

He says Lee’s legacy will last a lifetime. 

“Spider-Man he’s a kid going through all the thing kids go through, [you have] loss of family and everything else, and now he has this power and he says, ‘Why do I have this power?'” Jacovy says about Peter Parker [Spider-Man]. 

“To this day, I’m 43-years-old, and I remember that as a kid. Given that power, what do I do with it?” Jacovy said.