Marine rescues two children from drowning at beach

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This Memorial Day, we celebrate a Marine who sprang into action to save two children from drowning. It happened at a beach in Nanakuli called Mermaid Caves.

It all started soon after Caleb Franklin and his family got to the beach. At first, they thought the two young children were playing.

Then Franklin heard them screaming for help, bobbing up and down in the water. Without thinking twice, Franklin sprang into action. 

“Threw my shoes off, jumped in the water, and got to them,” said Franklin, “I forced myself down, got sand under my feet, and grabbed them turned and just went.”

The water was deep and the current was strong. The 2 kids were 30 feet from shore, but Franklin was able to get both children to safety.

“Their faces, I don’t think I’m ever going to forget that sight. It’s just, I don’t know, terror maybe. They were just petrified of just crying and screaming,” he said. 

We’re told the kids swallowed a lot of water but they’re okay. Franklin says he was in the right place at the right time.

“That’s what it came down to, God placing you when you needed to be,” he said. 

His family tells us this is who Franklin is.

“His Marine corps training really kicked and it was automatic for him,” said Christopher Ferkel, who was with Franklin at the time, “that’s what Marines are trained to do, they are out there to save lives.”

“There was a man walking towards us, an older gentleman, it was the father and he just said thank you thank you five times,” said Franklin, “I’m just glad they are okay. Their parents could have their kids in their hands.”

There is no lifeguard tower at that particular beach, but Ocean Safety tells us lifeguards do mobile water patrols in the area.

Lifeguards were on duty this Memorial Day and even pulled some overtime hours. 

Summer is around the corner and as more kids head to the beach officials want to remind everybody about staying safe in the water.

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