HONOLULU (KHON2) — For one marine stationed here, a night in Waikiki ended with him helping to save a man who had been shot.

The shooting happened Jan. 6, seriously injuring a man.

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We caught up with marine, Sgt. Amed Issa, who was there that night. He said he had just arrived and three minutes later heard a loud noise, that’s when he stepped into action, helping the victim.

“It felt like training; it didn’t feel like it was me thinking. It just, like, I just got up and I ran that way. It’s hard to explain.”

Sgt. Amed Issa

He performed lifesaving actions which he learned in the marine corps.

Issa said, “it was overwhelming in the moment actually doing it instead of it being training. There’s a lot of emotions that are tied into actually working on a real person and versus a dummy. Like, I said, you see this person is a real living human being full of emotions and a back story.”

Sgt. Issa then called his commanding officer whose main concern was for his solider and getting him help after such a traumatic experience.

“As a leader to him and a mentor to him, I’m honored and proud that he did what he did; but I don’t think anybody expected anything else but that from a Marine.” Said Gerardo Cuevas Ojeda, U.S. Marine Corps 3/3 platoon commander.

Sgt. Issa said his takeaway from this experience is that he would do anything to save the life of another person no matter who they are.

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HPD said no arrests have been made and the second-degree attempted murder investigation is ongoing as of Jan. 27, 2023.