HONOLULU(KHON2) — The Board of Education chose interim Superintendent Keith Hayashi to fill the position permanently but there are still a few things that need to happen before he is hired.

The school year may be coming to an end but Keith Hayashi’s work as the new permanent superintendent is about to begin. Once the employment contract and background check clear, his term should start on July 1.

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According to board member Bruce Voss, previous Superintendent Christina Kishimoto had a three-year contract. Hayashi’s will likely be the same.

Since Hayashi has been the interim superintendent since August of last year, the transition should be seamless. But the board still needs to discuss the terms of his contract before he’s officially hired.

Not everone’s happy he got the job.

Christy Wolcott, a parent with several kids attending public school said she’s very concerned.

“(Hayashi) hasn’t shown that he is there to represent us as the parents, the largest stakeholders. We’re the ones who care the most about the keiki,” Wolcott explained. “I’m hoping that he’ll open his door, he’ll agree to more meetings, he’ll hear our concerns, answer our emails and start representing the parents in this discussion.”

Emotions ran high at Wednesday’s board meeting resulting in three forced recesses and the need for sheriffs to step in.

“Yeah, you’re never going to satisfy everyone,” said Kalani High School teacher Brooke Nasser.

“I’m extremely happy that he was chosen,” Nasser said. “One of my biggest concerns last year was a lack of transparency, and that has completely changed 180 degrees. (Hayashi) sends out newsletters and regularly updates teachers with all the new things that are happening. Even though it sounds simple, that didn’t happen before. “

And some, like Rachel Coel, a parent with a child attending public school, hope he’ll make changes to improve the overall health of island keiki.

“I know that we do place a big focus on the academics at times, but I would love to see some attention placed on supporting our students through some of the mental health struggles they may be having,” Coel said.

She’d also like to see Hayashi push for more physical activity in schools.

“These are also kids who spent a lot of time in front of screens, adopting a new sedentary lifestyle,” said Coel.

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Hayashi will be meeting with the board to discuss his contract soon.