HONOLULU (KHON2) —  Many have gotten comfortable shopping online, especially since the pandemic. But, when it comes to big sales like cyber-Monday, experts say people can be vulnerable while looking for great deals.

Roseann Freitas, the Better Business Bureau PR and Communications Manager, said “If nothing pops up other than their website, that is also a red flag, because it could indicate it’s a brand-new website. And, they’re just out to get your money and run because a lot of times what they will do is set up these websites. People place the orders. And as soon as people catch on to it, they shut it down.”

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The BBB said to look at reviews on a specific gift before buying as well. If you know what brand you want, go straight to their website. “You could put in that Google search, you know, best steal on blue jeans, and a lot of things are going to pop up; and some are the scammers.” Said Freitas.

When it comes to that last step of entering in your information, Freitas said, “Pay with a credit card, because the credit card does provide some protections, should it be fraudulent that you can dispute the charge. And while they research it, you won’t have to pay; you can do the same with a debit card. However, the money has gone from your account until they have done their research. And, that could be a few weeks or a few months.”

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These tips also apply for the entire holiday season. A general rule to go by is “if they have some sort of sale, they’ll have a code that goes with it. You won’t necessarily have to click on a link,” said Freitas.