Manoa residents anxiously wait for tree blocking roadway to be removed

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Monday night, a massive tree fell down in Manoa, blocking a portion of Alani Drive. The banyan tree blocks two houses and an entry point to several Manoa hiking trails. 

One resident is unable to reach his house because the tree blocks the entire street.

Brandon Luk spent all day Monday with his wife in the hospital. When he returned home that night – he wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeted him.

“As I was driving up, I saw tons of fire trucks and… just a bit in a state of shock,” said Brandon Luk, Manoa resident. “It was a bit hard to see anything, but I knew that the power lines were down. It was a live wire.”

Since then, he’s had to go through a neighbor’s yard to reach his own home.

“I was expecting maybe I would see some workers here from the city to give me an update, since I got information from the other owner of the house that the city may be coming and at least assessing it, at least starting to work on it. But for now it’s going to be hospital, and we’ll just be playing it day by day. ” said Luk.

But residents tell us since the night the tree fell, no additional work has been done to remove the tree. 

“Last night the policeman told us if nobody showed up to take care of the tree that just phone 911 again, and report it and try to find out what’s going on. So I did that,” said Jim Morris, another resident.

“The people who are down there right now, they need to get access to their home. So, that’s the main thing, and then it’s the primary access to Manoa valley,” said Morris.

The tree isn’t just blocking homes, it’s blocking the entry to some nearby hiking trails, the Kolowalu and the Puu Pia trails.

One hiker says she climbed under the tree to get through.

“It was actually a real surprise, and then I was like, I still want to do this. So i have to climb over somehow, but it was really hard,” said Stephanie Reyes, who often hikes the trails.

“And that’s why I was like, ‘when did this happen and why has nobody done anything about it?’. Because I feel like its crazy that such a big thing its like a huge obstruction,” said Reyes.
We reached out to the City and County of Honolulu and the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) to find out what’s being done to remove the tree. A spokesperson for the city Department of Parks and Recreation said DLNR will be checking on the tree. He says their department or DLNR crews will address the problem.

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