HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Manoa Marketplace, a long-time hub for residents of the area, will be getting an upgrade. The owners of the facility, Alexander and Baldwin announced plans to renovate the exterior and other areas of the shopping center.

Neighbors of the area said the marketplace is their usual spot for a morning coffee or a place to grab lunch, but taking a closer look, parts of the building could use a refresh.

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The BRUG bakery manager Jordan Higuchi said she grew up in Manoa and is looking forward to seeing the renovations at the marketplace.

Higuchi said, “Growing up my whole life, the marketplace…it’s not that it doesn’t look nice but it could definitely use like some upgrade and I think it will be a nice addition to our little community.”

Some of the improvements will include an overall upgrade to the building’s exterior, as well as renovating the second-level balconies, restrooms and installing energy-efficient lighting.

A new central staircase will also be built, along with more seating and a keiki play area.

Shop employees like Caleb Kurasaki who works at J&B Pizza said the changes could raise public interest and bring more foot traffic.

Kurasaki said, “It’s really interesting that they finally decided to do something with this space because I think it’s not only going to benefit, I guess tourism or like those kinds of people coming in, but it’s also going to be a new change to the locals as well and families that live in the area.”

Some neighbors said they were concerned the area could become overly commercialized, while others worried the farmer’s market at the marketplace could close down during the renovations.

An Alexander and Baldwin spokesperson said the farmer’s market will be temporarily relocated to a section on the parking lot near East Manoa Road and a Texaco Gas Station starting Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Alexander and Baldwin Development Vice President Francisco Gutierrez shared plans for the renovations with the Manoa Neighborhood Board on Wednesday. He said only a few parking stalls would be removed due to the project.

Gutierrez said, “The renovation will not be impacting many stalls, just a few next to Safeway because we want to make that sidewalk a little wider.”

The Manoa Marketplace also said new tenants will be announced later this year.

A&B hopes to bring a modern and refreshed look for the shopping center.

Construction is set to begin in August and expected to be completed in the fall of 2023.

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New tenants are to be announced later this year.