Manoa Japanese Language School celebrates 105th anniversary with fair

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The Manoa Japanese Language School celebrated its 105th anniversary Sunday with its first New Year Community Fair.

Food, crafts, kids games, cultural activities — like playing the hanafuda card game — and a rummage sale were featured at the fair.

Entertainment included the playing of the Tsugaru shamisen by Patrick Oiye.

Board president Francois Rogers said the school was originally “found on the premise that they wanted to perpetuate the Japanese cultural and understanding. But after the war, we needed to adjust a lot of stuff. We had to revitalize the school and bring back the culture and reintroduce the kids to it.”

The school on East Manoa Road has been around for a long time, “but I think a lot of people don’t know about this place,” Rogers said, “so our job as the board and the school is to make sure that the community embraces it again.”

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