Starting April 1, a new state mandate ordering inter-island travelers to undergo a 14-day quarantine will go into effect.

State officials want residents to take it seriously, as evidenced by a recent arrest on the garden isle.

Kauai police arrested a visitor from Florida for violating the state’s mandatory quarantine order.

“Under normal circumstances, we would welcome visitors. These are not normal times. We have a pandemic going on,” said Kauai Police Captain Rod Green.

“Kauai is on vacation. We want people to know the community is watching.”

The new mandate allows residents to travel inter-island only for essential work obligations, or if seeking healthcare.

Travelers will need to fill out an inter-island declaration form.

Inter-island traveler form
Inter-island travelers are required fill out this form

“The form will include your name, residence, address, contact, telephone number and destination information that includes purpose of your visit,” said Major General Kenneth Hara.

Travelers can fill out the form before heading to the airport. It can be turned in at a checkpoint before TSA screening.

The state says travelers must wear appropriate protective gear – like a mask.

“And also to follow all social distancing guidelines. When not doing their essential function, the traveler must self-quarantine and self-monitor in their designated location of place of lodging,” said Hara.

Inter-island travelers are not allowed to visit public spaces, or have visitors.

“Upon return of your trip, travelers will revert back to the stay-at-home rule,” said Hara.

Violating these rules is a misdemeanor, and will result to up to $5,000 in fines and one year in jail.

To find out if your business qualifies for the exemption status, email