HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Maui Police Department said it has opened a second degree attempted murder investigation in relation to an incident on Wednesday on Maui Veterans Highway.

Police said they responded to the area of the highway near mile marker 5 regarding a 66-year-old male who suffered a gunshot wound while driving southbound towards Kihei. The wound was located on the side of the man’s head.

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The victim was then taken to a medical center where he remains in critical yet stable condition.

On Friday, MPD revealed in a press conference that in the victim’s vehicle were also his wife and three teenaged passengers in the back seat.

During their investigation, officers located a bullet hole through the driver side window.

Police have received information about some ongoing trespassing, poaching in the area and will be increasing all-terrain vehicle (ATV) patrols in that area.

However, police said they believe there is no threat to public safety as it appears to be an isolated event.

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“The reason we felt it was safe to open the highway is we didn’t have other evidence to say there’s an individual at large or the risk is still posing a threat to the community,” said Commander of Criminal Investigation Division Capt. John Foster. “Because of that we made that determination. It’s an ongoing investigation, but we have nothing to believe this individual was targeted.”