Man shocked to see car stolen while jump-starting vehicle

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A driver was left speechless after he saw a car thief in action.

It happened Wednesday at Ward Entertainment Center’s parking garage.

Jason Brewster used his brother’s car to jump-start his battery after his vehicle wouldn’t start.

He was by himself and didn’t know he was being watched.

“My brother’s car started ghost-riding backwards. I thought, ‘Oh no,'” said Brewster.

The hood of Brewster’s car created a blind spot. He didn’t know until it was too late that someone had sneaked in the front seat of his brother’s car.

“I yelled, ‘Wait, wait, wait! Like, what, what, what? The jumper cables were still attached to my brother’s car and he peeled away,” said Brewster. “I made eye contact with the guy. He just gave me a smirk and just screeched and peeled out. I was like, is this actually happening to me right now?”

Brewster flagged down an officer who was in the area.  He tells us next time, he won’t be jump-starting a car alone.

“I feel so bad, because my brother was helping me, lending me his car, and it got stolen on my watch, so I owe him a car now,” he said.

If you have any information about the theft, please call police.

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