HONOLULU(KHON2)–Adam Cio is recovering Wednesday after a firework shot into his car while he was driving. The incident blew out his car windows sending glass everywhere. He is still in shock after his new year kicked off with a bang that nearly killed him.

“All I saw was a big flash. I heard a boom and then glass went flying. It hit me in the arm, hit me in the neck,” Cio explained.

It happened when he was driving home from his job in Wailea to Kahului just after midnight.

“Everywhere there was fireworks going nuts. When I was driving, I actually pulled over on the highway to look at all the fireworks from Maalaea to Waihee Ridge,” Cio said.

After a little while, he got back into his car and said he kept driving until he passed Dairy Road on Puunene. That’s when he heard the boom.

“My passenger window got busted out. The window behind my driver’s seat got busted out, there’s a puka in my driver head rest…it almost looks like a bullet went through it–just barely missed my head.”

The rocket sent shattered glass everywhere.

Cio said his ears were ringing.

That’s when he realized he was hurt.

“I just felt blood coming down my neck and I was like holy (smoke)! I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding!”

Cio said he rushed to his house just minutes away to get help and call police.

Wednesday afternoon, he’s said he’s cut up, but counting his blessings.

“It was pretty scary…I’m lucky to be alive.”

He said his neck is swollen where a larger piece of glass punctured him but it wasn’t super deep. He has scabs all over his arm and there are still some slivers of glass in his right arm that he wasn’t able to get out.

“It kind of stings a little bit but not nearly as bad as it did last night,” Cio explained.

“It could have been worse. I’m glad nobody’s house caught on fire or anything like that.”

Despite the rocky start to his new year, he’s staying positive.

“It can only go up from here,” Cio said.

Cio explained that when he called the police they were shocked at what they saw and had never seen anything like it before.

He said the officer wasn’t able to do much more than take photos of his truck and his statement since the firework wasn’t in his car and the entire area smelled like fireworks.

Cio said he isn’t upset, and the incident hasn’t made him afraid of fireworks. He said he just hopes people will be more responsible in the future.

Courtesy Adam Cioo