HONOLULU(KHON2)–A man who suffered debilitating injuries in a three-story fall has reached a multi-million dollar settlement with Ala Moana Center.

Macroy Nagato and his best friend Nicholas Freitas, 21, were celebrating Nagato’s 21st birthday at Ala Moana Center October 9, 2016.

The pair were leaning against a third floor railing when it broke. Freitas died. Nagato suffered severe brain inures and now needs constant medical attention.

“Sometimes I get pretty mad when I think back at how different life would be if this never happened though,” Nagato said.

It’s been a long road to recovery for Nagato and it isn’t over.

His wife, Tiara Nagato, was there the night of the accident and has been by his side since.

“We’ve definitely had our ups-and-downs with everything. We always push through–take it a day at a time,” she said.

Their attorney Rick Fried said he can’t discuss specifics but they have reached a settlement in the multi-millions that will help.

“All I can tell you is there’s significant sums we’re confident will take care of them and their daughter Mckenzie with whatever they need for the rest of their life,” Fried said.

Tiara explained that Nagato goes to physical therapy every day and he can barely move his left side. He has a titanium mesh plate in his head and will need to take anti seizure medication for the rest of his life.

Fried said doctors called it a miracle that he survived.

Tiara said daily life is a challenge. It takes atleast an hour to get him ready and out the door every morning.

“Just waking up and helping me with Kenzie is hard. He does need assistance with transfers and everything to make sure he’s safe. He can’t just go and cook himself something if he’s hungry,” Tiara explained.

Nagato said one of his favorite things to do is spend time with his five-year-old daughter McKenzie at the park, but it’s not the same.

“I watch her play and stuff, make sure she doesn’t get hurt even though I can’t physically get up and help her.”

He said his family has given him the strength and support he needs to keep going.

Tiara was there the night Nagato was hurt.

“I did see (the railing) break and everything…It just happened so fast, and the next thing you know we’re running toward them and it’s all a blur, like I said, I don’t really like to talk about it.”

Nagato doesn’t remember anything about the fall.

He said the only thing he remembers is waking up in the Colorado rehabilitation center.

Despite every physical challenge he’s facing, he said it’s nothing compared to the fact that Freitas is gone.

“I lost a very good friend of mine too,” Nagato said.

“I was pretty mad. I was sad…I can only imagine how my friend’s parents felt though.”