HONOLULU (KHON2) — Honolulu police are investigating a crash that injured a pedestrian and brought down a utility pole in Wahiawa on Thursday, April 22.

Authorities say it started with an argument and police said the suspect intentionally hit the victim.

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It happened on the corner of Kilani Avenue and Mango Street on Thursday afternoon.

A female witness — who did not want to be identified — said the entire incident happened in a matter of minutes.

“I was vacuuming my car and the guy that was driving the car started yelling at the second person in front of me,” the witness explained.

She said only the driver was yelling.

“He was swearing he was telling him, ‘I hope you die.’ But as for the second guy, I didn’t hear one word come out of his mouth,” she said.

The driver sped out of the gas station a few seconds later, made a U-turn in a parking lot across the street and drove directly toward the victim before hitting a telephone pole.

“I guess because he couldn’t get to the man, he threw his car in reverse,” she said.

The driver then drove directly toward the man on the sidewalk again, according to the witness.

“He was flooring it. He did not take his foot off the gas pedal,” she said.

He succeeded the second time.

“I guess he tried to jump to dodge the car, so he jumped he flew into the air made a flip and landed on the ground,” the witness explained. “That was when (the suspect) hit the pole and he got out and ran.”

KHON2 asked if the man who was hit sustained any injuries.

“He did have a few scrapes on the back of his head and on his foot,” she explained, “but he did manage to get up and walk over here. And that was when he asked us to call for help.”

She said the entire incident was terrifying.

“I wasn’t sure if the guy that hit him was going to pull out a gun or any type of thing like that,” she said. “It was so shocking in everything happened so quickly. I just couldn’t believe that that guy got hit right in front of my eyes.”

According to Honolulu police, 30-year-old Hapakela Pancho was located and arrested for attempted murder. Charges are still pending.

Police added that the investigation is ongoing and confirmed that the suspect was still in custody on Friday, April 23.