Crash that injured champion triathlete on Tantalus was recorded by suspect

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The driver who hit a bicyclist on Tantalus has been sentenced to one year in prison.

There was heartbreaking testimony from the victim, world class athlete Lectie Altman, and her friends.

Prosecutors played a video of the crash from a camera that was mounted on Taylor Liang’s car. It drew a gasp from the gallery inside the courtroom.

The video from January 2018 shows Liang adjusting the camera and making sure it was on. He then jumps in his car and drives up Tantalus Drive, seemingly out of control, which is the purpose of drifting.

Prosecutors say Liang was going about 50 to 60 miles per hour, when he hit Altman on her bicycle.

Liang jumps out of the car and runs to Altman, but a few seconds later he runs back to the car, prosecutors say to turn the camera off. Altman walked out of the courtroom right before the video was shown.

“I don’t remember what happened and I don’t want to remember what happened and I don’t want that to bring back any memories,” said Altman.

Liang plead no contest to first degree negligent injury and asked the judge to give him a deferred acceptance, meaning no jail time, and his criminal record would be erased if he stayed out of trouble.

“Sorry will never be good enough. I cannot rewind time but if I could take back what happened that day I would,” Liang testified.

Prosecutors argued that Liang should get the maximum five years in prison.

“I will never walk like I used to. I may never run again. I will have constant pain forever and that’s something I have to live with on a daily basis,” said Altman.

Altman’s friends testified that she wasn’t the only victim. Many of them are heartbroken to see Altman suffer, and they filled the courtroom to show their support. Among them, her training partner, who just managed to avoid getting hit by Liang.

“Taylor could have killed her. I thought he did. He could have killed me, killed anyone else who was innocently up on Tantalus that day,” said Michelle Goldstein.

As far as getting justice Altman says maybe not quite there yet but at least there’s relief that this day finally happened.

Editor’s Note: This video contains images that may be considered disturbing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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