Makakilo residents say removing mid-block crosswalks on Makakilo Drive was a bad idea

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The removal of multiple marked crosswalks in Makakilo are still upsetting some residents, one year after they were removed.

City officials removed mid-block crosswalks at the intersections of Aoloko, Newa and Nohohale streets.

By law, pedestrians are still allowed to cross at these areas where the marked crosswalk was removed, though it’s at your own risk.

The neighborhood board says, people who live in makakilo want the crosswalks back.

“Makakilo Drive, when you’re coming down you really drive fast, because it’s downhill and uphill. There’s always a danger that drivers don’t slow down. They just drive fast without even looking,” said Jack Legal, chair of the Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board.

It’s partly why city officials removed the crosswalks. But the decision wasn’t a popular one, says Legal.

“the residents, the whole area, residents of Makakilo are complaining: why did we remove the crosswalk? They could not understand the logic of this whole thing,” he explained.

On Thursday morning, a 4 car crash occured after a driver stopped to let a pedestrian cross where the mid-block crosswalk was removed.

“It’s sad. One accident is too many. As of now we don’t have any fatal accidents. But an accident is accident,” said Legal.

To combat this, the chair says the board asked city officials to consider installing flashing lights to warn drivers to slow down.

“So far we haven’t gotten any response. We’re still trying. Still talking. Residents are still talking,” said Legal.

In a statement, city spokesman Andrew Pereira writes:

The Department of Transportation Services performed counts in November of 2016, which confirmed low pedestrian use of crosswalks at Kinohi Place, Nohohale Street, Newa Street, and Aoloko Street.

The Department of Transportation Services also performed traffic signal warrant checks to justify the possible installation of traffic signals at all of the above locations. The study could not justify the installation of traffic signals at these locations at that time.

In addition, consolidation of the above crosswalk markings was considered, but dismissed due to the distances between the crossings. One measure that was implemented is extending the shoulder parking lane up to Alahoi Street.

We continue to urge residents to use marked crosswalks at signalized intersections and to be especially cautious when utilizing mid-block crosswalks.

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