HONOLULU (KHON2) — A once-popular golf resort on Oahu’s Westside may be getting new life, a Korean company is expected to close on the Makaha Valley Country Club in the coming weeks.

Overgrown trees and plants now fill the outside of the Makaha Valley resort, it no longer reflects the level of golf once played at the course.

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The Hawaii State Golf Association Executive Director Paul Ogawa said reopening the golf course could be an economic engine for the area as well as provide a space for recreation to Makaha and surrounding communities. Ogawa used to play at the course years ago.

“They’ve had the Hawaii State Open tournament there,” Ogawa said. “It was our biggest tournament of the day, open to professionals and amateurs at the West course. So that kind of gives you an idea of the quality level of the course.”

The buyers are a Korean-based company KH Development Inc. This was a bankruptcy sale of $20.7 million from Pacific Links International.

The previous owners had plans of redeveloping the resort, with ties to big names such as Tiger Woods who would redesign a course. Construction of condos and houses on the land was also announced, but those plans fell through.

Warren Kim is an attorney representing KH Development Inc. during the purchase. He said a resort and homes are part of their plan.

“What they want to do is build a resort, bring in people, hopefully, you know, with good economic generations,” Kim said. “Because there’ll be a lot more traffic going to that area and traffic. If I say the word traffic, I know it’s a big word. But you know, traffic does produce more economic activity. So we plan to fully develop it.”

The scale and level of that development are yet to be made public. Kim said the next step is for engineers from the company to inspect the land.

Kim said, “the engineers have not done a thorough survey of that area. So once that comes in, and also taking into consideration, again, the zoning the limitations, etc. It has to be built accordingly.”

The Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board chair said they hope to build a good relationship with the new buyers. But there are concerns about what happens after the purchase and plans to redevelop begin, they are unsure how it will impact traffic, housing costs and overall lifestyle. They have concerns about water usage as well.

Hawaii State Rep. Cedric Gates said he attended community events at the Makaha Valley resort while growing up. There is skepticism about another developer coming in with big plans as others have not been successful.

“Many developers have come into our community to try to redevelop it, but many have failed. And I want to see what makes this developer different from the rest that has come into our community prior.”

Cedric Gates, Hawaii State Representative

Kim said they will try to balance the company’s plans for the land with input from the community. But he said they also want to see a return on their investment.

Kim explained, “we would like the community to know that we will balance as much as we can, but just, for them to realize that KH is taking a risk trying to develop this area.”

For his part, Ogawa sees this as an opportunity to bring more golf into the area and said any plans for the property should keep residents in mind.

“Don’t forget about the community, the people there. You don’t want to price golf out of their budget,” Ogawa said. “So yeah, please make it reasonable. So we can encourage everyone out there to play golf.”

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The sale is expected to close by early August.