Makaha no-kill animal shelter under investigation

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Friends for Life in Makaha is supposed to be a safe haven for stray dogs, but it’s been the subject of complaints over animals being mistreated.

A viewer contacted KHON2 via Report It and told us that many of the dogs are in terrible health and living in filthy conditions.

KHON2 went to the no-kill animal shelter twice to talk to the owner and both times was not allowed to go inside.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is also investigating, but their inspectors have not been allowed access either.

Friends For Life sits on a hillside ranch overlooking Keaau Beach Park. Tarps that are supposed to provide cover for the cages are torn apart. People are allowed to go inside to look at pets for adoption.

One viewer was shocked by the conditions inside and sent us pictures.

There are dogs that appear to be underfed with their ribs sticking out, and we’ve been told that there could be anywhere from 200 to 300 dogs in the facility.

KHON2 spoke with the owner, Lanny Moore, who did not want to say anything on camera. He didn’t want to let us inside either. He says it’s because he’s doing some renovations to the area.

KHON2 asked Moore how many dogs he has in the shelter and he said he doesn’t know, but he tells me all the dogs are properly fed and there’s plenty of food for everyone. He says they’re also cleaned and well taken care of, but he admits many of the dogs are not spayed or neutered, and he’s trying to find a veterinarian that will work with him to do it.

KHON2 asked about the complaints and he says there are people out there who don’t agree with what he does, because he brings in homeless people and drug addicts as volunteers.

The Hawaiian Humane Society sent the following statement:

“The Hawaiian Humane Society has received concerns expressed about this shelter over the years but received no evidence that would give the organization grounds a warrant to search the property. Friends for Life has vehemently refused all requests for us to enter their premises to provide aid or assistance. We have offered pet food, veterinary care and other assistance. A few months ago the organization did accept a donation of pet food from the Humane Society via one of Friends for Life’s volunteers. But that’s as close as they will allow the Humane Society to get.

“Any group attempting to run a shelter or rescue operation must not get in over their heads with too many animals than it can properly care for. Sheltering is extremely expensive and resource intensive to do it as it should be done.

“The Humane Society urges all pet owners to take great care and investigation when relinquishing animals to anyone or any place. The misnomer term “no kill” does not necessarily mean good life, good care, nor a good record of finding animals new homes.”

A spokeswoman says if anyone has additional information or proof that animals are being mistreated at Friends for Life animal shelter, contact the Hawaiian Humane Society at 356-2250 or email

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