HONOLULU (KHON2) — A mother of three is still recovering almost two years after her brush with death during a drunk driving crash. Now she’s taking a stand with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to protect others in the community.

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MADD kicked off its annual “Tie One On for Safety” campaign urging the community to help families get home by keeping the roads safe.

Keynote speaker Brittany Cass spoke at the event to explain her grueling journey toward recovery after being hit by a drunk, wrong-way driver at a combined speed of 120mph. She couldn’t remember what happened when she woke up in her hospital bed.

“Along with abdominal surgery where part of my small intestines were removed, I fractured both of my femurs, my left hip shattered, my right knee fractured, my tailbone and back had nerve damage to the entire left side of my body; Experienced multiple mini-strokes, had a TBI and was in a coma for five days,” Cass listed. “But I am here… a miracle sent by God.”

Now, she’s using her miracle to work with MADD and community leaders to stop intoxicated drivers.

“This red ribbon implies everyone, take a stance to not drunk drive. It gave me goosebumps just to see the community get together for a same purpose,” said Alice Liu, MADD Hawaii program director.

According to the Hawaii Department of Transportation, alcohol isn’t the only problem.

“In 2020, 25% of drivers involved in fatal crashes tested positive for having drugs in their system. That number increased to 43% in 2021 and 33% in 2022,” said Russell Pang, HDOT public information officer.

Let the red ribbons not only symbolize the joy of the holidays but a reminder to stay responsible on the roads.

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“I still have the opportunity to be a wife, a friend, a mother, an example of perseverance that I will continue to use my voice because of [being] a survivor,” said Cass.