MADD, local police will be on lookout for drunk drivers on Super Sunday

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Football fans planning to take part in big-game celebrations tomorrow, take note: local law enforcement will be out in full force.

It’s part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s” “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk” campaign.

While the NFL, the Dept. of Transportation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving have banded together, the Hawaii branch of MADD is switching tactics.

For Arkie Koehl of MADD Hawaii, their message of responsible driving falls on deaf ears for some. And with Sunday’s Super Bowl, he wants chronically impaired drivers to know: they’re coming for you.

“Talking to people about being responsible and not drinking has worked with those responsible enough to hear the message,” Koehl said. “The people killing us on the roads are those who aren’t responsible.”

Police statewide will conduct sobriety checkpoints on Sunday, as well as patrol communities in search for impaired drivers. “The police will have saturation patrols tomorrow, Super Sunday, looking for you, if you plan on driving drunk,” said Koehl, “or with more than .08 blood alcohol content.”

Dozens of people in Hawaii are killed every year in alcohol-related traffic crashes. The state Department of Transportation says nearly half of all traffic fatalities are due to alcohol impairment.

Koehl said most are caused by people who don’t think about their actions. “You will get arrested (if you drive drunk),” he warned.

Drunk driving is completely preventable — all it takes is a little planning.

On Sunday, the ride-share service app Uber will donate one dollar to MADD for every trip taken nationwide from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Hawaii time, when users enter the promo code, THINKANDRIDE.

“You’re keeping the road safe — keeping yourself from being a statistic of getting a DUI in Hawaii,” said Uber driver Nicholas Parker.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also suggests using the “SaferRide” app to get home safely. It allows users to call a taxi or a friend so you don’t get behind the wheel.

The state Department of Transportation says nearly half of all traffic fatalities are because of alcohol impairment.

Again, police statewide will be conducting sobriety checkpoints and patrolling communities in search for impaired drivers.

Regardless of who you’re rooting for — the Seahawks or the Patriots — celebrate responsibly.

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