We’re all told to eat healthy.

For many, including our kūpuna, it’s not always affordable or accessible

But Lunalilo Home is making it possible.

Every week, Lunalilo Home serves nearly 1,400 meals for kūpuna as part of its Meals-to-Go food service program. 

“We honor our kūpuna by giving them our best and our best is using fresh food as much as we can,” says Tammy Smith, Dietary Manager at Lunalilo Home.

“And here at Lunalilo Home, we are fortunate to have our māla and that was born 2 years ago.  You know, its farm to table to kupuna.”

Mala is the Hawaiian word for “garden”.

And in this garden, all food align with the concept of “ʻAi Pono,” eating healthy, living healthy, and in turn a way to reconnect. 

“I always feel if we can give our kupuna a part of their past, it brings back so much good memories and good stories, yah?” says Smith.

“So, when they eat lūʻau, when they eat kalo, they have poi, they get ʻulu, they eat sweet potato, they get some good stories when they get the chance to remember that moment.”

Smith says while we are all struggling during this pandemic, it is our kuleana (our responsibility and privilege) to provide care and compassion to others.

“If we only going look at financial stressors, we lose already,” says Smith.

“But we got to look at how to take care our people and our ʻāina because that is whats going to save us is our own people and our own ʻāina.”

Aunty Tammy and the Lunalilo Home team are made up of just 5 staff members, and only 3 are full time.

If you’d like to help or would like to receive a meal, visit their website www.lunalilo.org.