Lt. Governor confirms Hawaii passenger on Diamond Princess cruise ship tested positive for coronavirus

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Josh Green has confirmed that a Hawaii passenger on the Diamond Princess cruise ship tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Green says that the passenger is an elderly man.

The man is now getting treatment off of the ship and in a hospital in Japan.

Green says, “There has been an individual from Hawaii who contracted Coronavirus that person is an elderly male I spoke to him today to make sure he’s OK he’s in the hospital there he’s doing fine, the flu is what he expressed were the symptoms were.”

The man told Green his spouse and a family member have tested negative for the virus.

“So the other family members to my knowledge were totally healthy,” Green said. “I do not know about the other small handful of people so we’re right now hoping that they are all fine, I did communicate with the CDC that we want to have good information.”

Lt. Governor Green says that they will continue to test the passenger for the virus and when two tests come out negative, the passenger will be determined as cleared.

Green adds that if he could have a say in the protocol, he would disembark all of the passenger to prevent further contact.

Green said, “I wish they would take everybody off the ship and give them a safe quarantine space where we can just isolate each and every individual and just count out the 14 days and then let them come home when they’re not sick and if they do get sick then we also know just treat them.”

The CDC also said Thursday that the virus is asymptomatic, which means that people who do not show symptoms can spread it.

“The bigger picture is that we all do our due diligence. If you’re sick, get assessed and treated by a physician. If you feel someone who might be at risk, it’s better to be cautious and not try and spread it to others. Cover your mouth when you cough. Wash hands when possible,” said Dr. Edward lam, who is a family physician.

The Department of Health says there are still no cases here in Hawaii.

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