Lt. Gov. Josh Green arrived at the base of Mauna Kea just before 6:00 a.m., Monday morning. He participated in a morning ceremony and dropped off medical supplies.

He explains, that he is not on Hawaii Island to make a political stance but to make sure the health and safety of the kia’i are okay.

After talking to kupuna for a couple of hours he says he has a clearer understanding of the Hawaiian culture and their position.

“I don’t even take a position on this day. I support treating people with great respect and they deserve to be treated in a dignified manner here on the mountain,” said Lt. Gov. Josh Green.

The majority of Lt. Gov. Green’s day was spent listening to kupuna. Following the conversations, he had this to say:

One project can’t be allowed to disrupt the fabric of our state’s ohana. That can’t be allowed to happen so if there can’t be a brokered peace that prevents that, then the TMT would have to move on.

The state has said that the TMT construction project took years to get to this point as officials followed all permitting processes. Yet, demonstrators continue to stand their ground.

“When someone actually listens to you, you always feel more encouragement. So, I think right now there’s a little bit more encouragement from Mr. Green presenting himself to us,” said kia’i Billy Freitas.

The state said they are also trying to keep up morale.

“People are like the protesters, we are in day eight now. But fortunately our officers, a lot of them live here … we are being mindful that they are rested and well-fed and in good spirits.”

Dan Dennison, senior communications manager for dlnr

The governor’s office said they will not be issuing a statement about Lt. Gov. Green’s visits.