HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii’s historic past also includes many mysterious encounters. From The Faceless Woman to Night Marchers and now this story from Lopaka Kapanui about woman who would not take “no” for an answer.

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A hanai father from Hilo who was considered an eligible bachelor shared his story with his son, Lopaka about one fateful encounter, that changed his life.

He was walking through Hilo town, and sitting in front of one of the stores is a Feitcera.

A Feitcera, to many, is a woman you go to for healing, taking off curses, and she was also considered to be a matchmaker, according to Lopaka.

“And when she sees my hanai father, she said, ‘Daniel, come, come come,’ and my father goes over, and she says, “Let me introduce you to my daughter. Look, look, look, she’s 16 years old, very healthy, you marry her, she’ll give you lots of kids. Never complains, knows how to cook, wash her clothes everything. Maybe you should marry my daughter,” Lopaka said.

His father was seemingly uninterested and told the Feitcera so.

“And the Feitcera says, ‘Why not? Give you plenty kids. Good wife. Young.’ My hanai father said to the Feitcera, “Well, that’s good. But the fact is, she’s ugly. We might have ugly kids if I marry her.” And he walked off,” Lopaka added.

That night, his father said he had a horrible nightmare.

He said in the nightmare, he was sleeping on his bed in broad daylight, when suddenly the Feitcera materializes through his bedroom door.

She walks right up to him as he lays still in bed and sinks her fingernails into the sides of his face, leaving horrible gouge marks.

When he awoke from his nightmare, he was perspiring and went to the sink to was his face.

He said it was stinging, so he looked up into the mirror and is met with an unrecognizable reflection.

His face had those horrid gouge marks he was so scared.

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“I remember asking my dad, ‘You sure you never do that yourself? Make those marks?’ He said, ‘No. I trim my nails all the time. Somebody with sharp nails did it. So if you ever come across a Feitcera, an old woman wanting to set you up with her daughter, be nice. Be cordial. Refuse nicely.’