HONOLULU (KHON2) — The deadline to dispute your real property tax assessment is this Sunday, Jan. 15, but some said they have had issues getting assistance from the city.

Jan. 15 is the deadline to dispute your real property assessment.

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According to the city, they received at least 480 appeals as of last Friday, Jan. 6.

That number will likely increase, with just days left to submit, especially with some areas like the North Shore where many property value assessment increases tipped the scales at 20 percent.

Waialua resident, Steve Hinton, said their assessment shot up 30 percent.

“We’ve not been assessed at that rate of increase on a year to year basis, ever,” Hinton said.

According to the city, assessments are calculated using a “market data approach” including
“adjusted market sales” along with the size of the house including the number of rooms, bathrooms, other amenities and upgrades.

Hinton said his mother owned their house in Waialua for four decades; their assessment does not make sense.

“Our property is 6,000 square feet versus 10,000 and 12,000 square feet of those that have sold around us yet were assessed at that rate,” explained Hinton.

He said he has been trying to get answers, but it has not been easy.

“Initially, I was given an 808 hotline number to contact, which I did early last week, and was directed to my individual assessment case handler and given a direct line,” he explained.

But, he said he did not get a response after multiple attempts. By Friday, he called the main line again and asked for a supervisor.

“By the end of that conversation, I was told that the city and county would get back in touch with me,” added Hinton.

According to Hinton, they finally got back to him Monday morning, Jan. 9.

“I would say that they need to staff up a little bit. And, then, really afford people the time to take that measure to appeal,” said Hinton.

Radiant Cordero, City Council Budget Committee Chair, said they are including an informational briefing regarding the real property tax valuation and appeals processes in their budget meeting Wednesday, Jan. 11.

The City Council meeting starts at 9 a.m. Jan. 10. Click here for the agenda and information on how to register to testify.

For information on the real property tax assessment appeal process, click here. The deadline to submit an application is Jan. 15.

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“This is really the time for us to allow for public input, public commentary. So the council can find out what people are going through and also how the city administration is responding to it. If it’s effective, if it’s not, how we can make these changes throughout the next year.”