HONOLULU, Hawaii (KHON2) — Four local divers had a close encounter with a hungry shark on Saturday.

The divers captured part of the shark encounter on camera with their GoPro. They said they were out diving for tako off the shores of Maui when the shark helped itself to their catch.

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They came together back-to-back when all the divers realized the shark was being aggressive. As they fended off the predator, it kept coming back for more, so they ditched everything they caught.

“Towards the end of our drift, that’s when like the shark came on us and yeah, at first he, like, he pulled my float. I had a tako at the end of my float, so I guess he kind of thought of it as like bait” said diver Cody McCorriston.

When asked if this would change how they feel about spearfishing, they said they were glad they had each other, and they’ll keep an eye out the next time they go. In the end this experience will not stop them from diving.

“I’m glad we were all together, cause it would’ve been a whole other situation if one of us was separated out too. Cause he was definitely curious and pretty aggressive.”

Anthony Flores, diver

Another diver said it was still scary, but being in a group of close friends, including his brother, helped.

“It will just keep you on your toes. you still have that, It’s a lot different being in the situation then, then hearing about it. And, yeah, that was pretty scary” said diver Brody McCorriston.

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Experts confirmed the shark was a Galapagos, which tends to be curious and aggressive towards spear fishers.