HONOLULU (KHON2) — Many local businesses say they are feeling more than just the holiday spirit. With foot traffic and sales picking up, they are expecting to do better than last year’s holidays.

Whether it be in person or online shopping, the spirit of giving is being felt among local retailers.

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Eden in Love owner Tanna Dang said they started ordering inventory months in advance to have enough merchandise, as the pandemic has affected the supply chains and the way people buy.

“We were actually a little nervous about this year because we didn’t know if we were going to have as many people shopping online, now that you could go back in-store,” Dang said. “But honestly this year, we’re tracking just as good as we were last year, and I believe after today or maybe tomorrow, our numbers — we are just going to tip over last year’s numbers.”

After 15 years of operating as a brick and mortar store, Eden in Love will operate completely online early next year — Dang said business is better than ever.

“We knew through the pandemic, once we did the pivot online, and we performed so well online, we didn’t know there was a world out there that contains Eden in Love in the world wide web,” Dang said.

With COVID restrictions loosening, the Retail Merchants of Hawaii President Tina Yamaki says small businesses are poised to outsell last year’s holidays.

“We’re seeing more foot traffic in the stores. At the shopping malls, people are actually buying,” Yamaki said. “We saw a lot of people actually starting their holiday shopping earlier this year as well.”

Some of Hawaii’s local favorites like Matsumoto Shave Ice are also feeling the love. General Manager Remy Matsumoto said their online retail is selling t-shirts and other items to some of the colder places on the continent.

“I’m always surprised when I see someone purchasing from any other state other than Hawaii. I’m just like, how do they know about us? You know, because it can be all the way up in like the East Coast,” Matsumoto said. “And it always surprises me. And I’m really thankful for, you know, every customer that supporting us from all over the United States.”

Even businesses like Hoala Salon and Spa benefit from the holiday bump.

“We will see, typically the week of Christmas, the spa gets very busy,” Hoala Salon and Spa owner Letitia Thomas said. “And then the week after that, it’s swamped, and we’re able to take care of everybody from all of their hard work of shopping and taking care of others.”

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Retailers recommend shipping off presents sooner rather than later in order for those to arrive on time.