HONOLULU (KHON2) – To live happily in Hawaii one study suggests making more than $200,000 a year!

The average salary in Hawaii is $69,000 which is a lot less than what you need to live “happily” in Hawaii. However, $69,000 is still higher than the average salary in the United States which is currently $53,924. 

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Real, a website offering tips, studies and guidelines for moving to Hawaii, came out with their study on the income one needs to be able to “make it” in Hawaii. 

Because Hawaii is the most expensive place for real estate, groceries, car maintenance, gas and other lifestyle expenses it’s best to do your research.

They suggest those who are looking to move to Hawaii to check out other islands besides Oahu. The Big Island is slightly cheaper than Maui and Kauai. 

Living close to work can save you thousands on your yearly gas bill. Hawaii is known for having one of the highest prices at the pump and cutting back on commute can save you time, money and could be better for the environment. 

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For more helpful tips on ways to save if planning to move to the Aloha State, head to Real’s website