HONOLULU (KHON2) — To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Little League Baseball® World Series (LLBWS) in August, the Little League is featuring a series of franchises that highlights key moments and memories of the LLBWS that make it one of the most iconic events in the world.

On Tuesday, they paid tribute to Hawaii and the meaning of ohana in baseball.

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Little League volunteer Gerard Oda told them that it’s not just blood family, it’s everybody.

“When we say you’re part of our ohana, it means that you’re part of us,” he said.

Hawaii has made 14 LLBWS Tournaments, winning three of them. The first win came in 2005, then in 2008 and most recently in 2018.

The Little League has praised the Hawaii team’s presence in Williamsport both on-and-off the field. Hawaii has been the recipient of the Jack Losch LLBWS Team Sportsmanship Award for the team’s display of the aloha spirit during their time there.

“The one thing that we all do, and it’s common to Hawaii teams, is that as soon as we know we are traveling to a tournament, we bring gifts as a sign of appreciation,” Oda told the Little League. “We do this for the people that support the tournament and as a sign of appreciation for our opponent. They’re the reason we are there.”

The Little League ended their tribute with this line: “Over the years in Williamsport, Hawaii has shown the world their aloha spirit and invited all of us into their ohana.”

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