HONOLULU (KHON2) – While vacationing in Hawaii you get to immerse yourself in local cuisine. 

Sometimes you crave salty, sometimes savory and sometimes spice. Hawaii is home to numerous spicy food eateries that allow customers to choose the exact level of spice they would like throughout their meal. 

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Yelp ranks the best spicy food eateries within a region and came out with their list of the best spicy food in and around Honolulu.

They consider the reviews, popularity and location when coming out with their ranks.

Top 10 spicy food restaurants in Honolulu

  1.  SXY Szechuan – Ala Moana
  2.  Chengdu Taste – Honolulu
  3.  Mian – Honolulu
  4.  Fun Station – Honolulu
  5.  Lasoon – Honolulu
  6.  Olay’s Thai Lao Cuisine – Chinatown
  7.  Joy Cup Noodles Mean – Honolulu
  8.  Dagon – Honolulu
  9.  Wuwei Chong Qing Cuisine – Honolulu
  10.  Spice Up House of Indian Cuisine – Honolulu

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To read the full list and see when these restaurants and eateries are open, head to Yelp’s website.