HONOLULU (KHON2) – What are your top airplane passenger pet peeves? According to one study, rear seat kickers and disruptive drunks are Americas most annoying co-passengers. 

The Vacationer came out with their study on airplane etiquette and what drives people crazy, especially on long flights. 

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Summer is over and now airlines are gearing up for holiday travel. In Hawaii, flying to the islands during the holiday season is very popular due to warm weather, constant sunshine and tasty island food. 

In a recent survey, the Vacationer asked people what’s the most annoying thing people can do on planes and the answers probably won’t surprise you. 

Top annoying plane etiquette violations by passengers

  • Kicking the back of your seat
  • Drunk and disruptive
  • Smells from poor hygiene
  • Inattentive parents
  • Eating foul-smelling food
  • Hogs the armrest
  • Reclines seat fully in front of you
  • Talks to you too much
  • Boards or deplanes out of turn
  • Listens to music or movies too loudly

It’s always a good idea to think about others when on a flight. For example, making sure you bring headphones when listening to music, not bringing on smelly food, especially on long flights and not talking too loud when the cabin lights are off and people are trying to sleep.

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To read the full study by the Vacationer head to their website