HONOLULU (KHON2) – Looking for a career change that will guarantee a larger income? Hawaii has been reported to be the most expensive state to live in and in order to live comfortably, you’ll need to be making well above minimum wage. 

From buying milk and eggs to filling up your gas tank, Hawaii is more expensive. So, if you want to take a leap of faith and switch careers here’s what is making the most money in Honolulu.

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Indeed, a website dedicated to finding the perfect job online, compiled a list of the 14 highest-paid jobs in Honolulu. 

Some of the top earners mentioned throughout their list make well over six figures and require a college degree and on-the-job training. 

Highest paid jobs in Honolulu

  • Surgeon – $315,581
  • Dentist – $221,518
  • Air Traffic Controller – $182,698
  • Psychiatrist – $144,581
  • Criminal Investigator – $118,929
  • Financial Manager – $112,805
  • Chief Executive – $112,173

Jobs like air traffic controller and psychiatrist are in high demand in Hawaii. Honolulu has a very large international airport with many job positions open. 

With the pandemic lasting for years, more and more people are looking for mental health options. Being a Psychiatrist isn’t as easy as applying. You’ll need years of on-the-job training, multiple degrees and the drive to work with patients. 

Honolulu Police Department has hundreds of positions open. They are looking to fill sworn officer positions and with that role comes the possibility of being promoted within the company. HPD comes with good benefits and about three weeks of paid time off for vacation and sick. For more information click here.

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The salaries listed alongside these professions are just averages. For more information about these jobs and the qualifications needed, head to Indeed’s website.