HONOLULU (KHON2) — Sept. 27 is observed as World Tourism Day. Tourism around the world adds economic value to communities, political and cultural value. 

According to National Day Calendar, in 2018 tourism contributed more than $8 trillion to the global economy. 

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Tourism and travel have also been the second-fastest growing sector in the world. However, now in the post-pandemic world, countries are doing what they can to safely bring tourism back. 

Hawaii’s Spring 2022 Resident Sentiment Survey found positive signs of strengthening resident’s feelings towards tourism. 

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) has come out with a survey asking residents what type of tourists they would like to see come to the islands. 

Regenerative tourism has been a focus point for the past year. Residents have told HTA that this type of tourism is important because it educates visitors and encourages visitors to volunteer and give back during their visits to Hawaii.  

“It takes a collaborative effort to bring these destination management actions to fruition, from the respective steering committees and task force members HTA has convened in recent years, to the increased inter-agency coordination among state and county departments, visitor industry stakeholders, and the substantial array of community-based organizations engaged in cultural and natural resource stewardship and community enrichment programs.”

John De Fries, HTA president and CEO.

To help assist with regenerative tourism, eliminating illegal vacation rentals is a top priority.

Regenerative tourism will also help visitors become educated about protecting Hawaii’s natural environment and cultural resources.

Examples of regenerative tourism:

  • Volunteering to plant native trees
  • Removing invasive species
  • Learning about the history of the islands
  • Using reef-friendly sunscreen
  • Not leaving trash or other items at the beach

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For more information about the Spring 2022 Resident Sentiment Survey, head to Hawaii Tourism Authority’s website