HONOLULU (KHON2) – Hawaii is known for beautiful beaches, soft sand, cotton candy sunsets and picture-perfect conditions.

Although it’s on many people’s bucket list to swim in the ocean in Hawaii, not every beach is suitable to swim in.

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A new study ranked the most dangerous beaches in Hawaii warning visitors of getting caught in high surf, sharp rocks or strong current. 

Only in Your State wrote a study claiming certain Hawaii beaches might be safer to enjoy a nice picnic on than take a dip in the ocean. 

Most beaches listed to be dangerous for swimmers is due to strong currents, intense short breaks, sharp rocks and shark attacks.

Dangerous beaches for swimming in Hawaii:

  1. Hanakapi’iai Beach – Kauai
  2. Sandy Beach – Oahu
  3. Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach – Maui
  4. Makena Beach – Maui
  5. Lumahai Beach – Kauai

Hanakapi’iai Beach located on the Na Pali Coast of Kauai has beautiful blue waters crashing against the sand. The rip current is known to be dangerous and has swept several people out to see. 

Sandy Beach on Oahu is a favorite spot for local surfers, however, many tourists do not understand the strong current and walk away with injuries because of the crushing shorebreak. 

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach located on Maui is known to have rough water and is reported to be one of a handful of red sand beaches around the world. 

Makena Beach in Maui has the nickname of “breakneck beach” because the surf breaks right on the shore, making it very dangerous to swim in. In years past, there have also been reports of shark attacks. 

Lumahai Beach has beautiful sunrises and sunsets on Kauai, however, rocks nearby are extremely slippery and can cause sprained or broken bones if you fall wrong. 

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To read the full study on the most dangerous beaches for swimmers on Hawaii, head to Only in Your State’s website