Letters in support of Louis Kealoha were released Monday, asking a judge to give the former police chief a lighter sentence.

Some supporters also place the blame on his wife, Katherine.

A legal expert says those letters of support will likely help Louis. But as far as putting the blame on his wife, that won’t have any bearing on the judge’s decision.

Federal judge J. Michael Seabright has released letters of support filed by Louis’ attorney asking the judge for leniency. Many are from retired HPD officers, including his former deputy chief Marie McCauley who wrote, “I knew him to be deeply concerned for the safety of his officers and the safety of the community he served.”

There’s also a letter from someone who identified herself as Katherine’s sister, who wrote, “In the past few weeks I helped Louis take many of his own things to the homeless shelter to give to people in need.”

“All of these are designed to remind the judge and to put into the record the fact that Chief Kealoha was a very fine upstanding person who was very well respected in the community and is still respected,” said legal expert Doug Chin.

He adds that in addition to the seriousness of the crime, the judge will consider the chance of rehabilitation. So the letters will work in Louis’s favor.

Also included with the letters is a picture from several years ago of Louis with the former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, as well as several awards and certificates.

A letter from someone identified as Louis’ trusted friend puts some of the blame on Katherine. He wrote that when Katherine’s affair with a Big Island firefighter was revealed, she told her husband he was an old family friend. And the charges on her credit card paying for his flights? She wanted the points and was paid back in cash.

Also, it was Katherine who, “Ruled the house, finances, and any day to day decisions regarding their relationship and marriage.”

“I don’t think any of that is gonna be relevant to the judge. The judge heard the evidence in the trial and this is just friends who weren’t part of the trial who are saying this is what they think happened,” said Chin.

Louis filed for divorce earlier this month. A hearing is scheduled on Thursday to discuss the sentencing guidelines for the Kealohas and the two former HPD officers convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

You can read the released Kealoha letters in entirety here.