HONOLULU, Hawaii (KHON2) — Lei stands in Hawaii are busier than ever with May Day this Sunday as well as Mother’s Day, graduation and tourists coming in for the summer.

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Lei stands at the airport said they get a minimum of fifty orders a day during these celebrations. Even local customers who have been coming for years are noticing more people coming in.

“Between May and June, so we got two months to make that money. And that’s it,” Bonnie Groendyke, owner of Gladys Lei Stand said. “We go back down to slow time. But it gets crazy. As you look at the parking lot right here right now — everything all the parking stalls are taken. Everybody’s parking all on the side.”

Owners recommended making orders at least a week in advance to get the specific lei you want.

“If you know the dates of your events, call us, call us right away. Let us know so that we can try to help you out because a lot of us are taking only a minimum, you know, orders per day. And again, flowers are not very abundant, like before, you know, so it’s hard for us to get the flowers and it’s more expensive.”

Bonnie Groendyke, owner of Gladys Lei Stand

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Also, prices have gone up about $5 due to all of the celebrations close together, making the demand much higher.