HONOLULU (KHON2) – I love coming back here to the Leeward Community College because their Culinary Arts program, I have to say from the past couple of months that we have been coming here, their food has been delicious. 

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And now, we are coming back because they have an event that is coming up next month and it sounds to be a great event, especially being a benefit for Maui. 

So, to find out more about this, we are here with the chef, Chef Abigail Langlas. 

Tell us a little bit about what you guys are doing here today.

“My special event’s class is going to do an event called Family Favorites Reimagined and basically, they are taking a family favorite dish and elevating it to a fine-dining experience with the help of our chef instructors,” says Langlas.

Is this the culminating event of this course?

“Yes.  So, for our program, this is their cap stone course.  They have had to take all the other classes before they take Special Events,” says Langlas.

And speaking of the inspirations of these dishes, we have some of the students here, so I want to ask them about their particular dish.

Well, I am now joined with a couple of the students including Mark Bartolome. 

Mark, what is the dish that you had contributed to this menu?

“So, I am making Miki Xiaolongbao.  Miki is a northern style chicken noodle soup, and I am elevating it by making it into a soup dumping.  Its super easy to make but hard to master,” says Bartolome.

So, what was it about this growing up that it was an influence for your project?

“Well, during monsoon season, which is a super rainy season in the Philippines, we used to crave it for cold and stuff like that.  We loved it when we were kids,” says Bartolome.

We are also here with Kerilee Erice. 

Keri, we have been coming every month to speak with the different classes. 

But for this class, what is the thing that you like most?

“Well, it’s my last semester here and I really like that this class became a culmination of all my classes.  I got to learn, basically take all the techniques that I learned from other classes and put it in my final dishes for the event,” says Erice.

Chef, what is she making here today?

“Today, she is making our class dish Halo Halo,” says Langlas.

“This is an ube dome ice cream on the outside, haupia sorbet with palm fruit jellies on the inside, and this is a little caramel flan that she is putting in there and she will add a little jack fruit granita.”

I do have to say that this dish looks to be a very high-end dish from a high-end restaurant right here at LCC. 

Going back to this event Chef, what was the reasoning to put this on?

“We wanted the students to be able to make something that was their own, so you know, something from their childhood that they could elevate and be very proud of,” says Langlas.

So, is it that all of the benefits of this event will be going to support Maui?

“Yes, everything will be going to Maui for the students who were affected by the wild fires,” says Langlas.

This 10-course meal and this event will be taking place at The Pearl, which again is the restaurant right upstairs here at LCC. 

December 8th from 6pm-8pm. 

Tickets are still available, but it is very limited.

To check out the 10-course meal menu or to purchase your tickets, click here.

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